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TNF - ABC Project
Empowerment underprivileged rural students

The Memphis Story …

A TNF Information Session was held at Ganga and Saravankumar’s home on February28, 2017, at the initiative of Kalyankumar Chidambaram. Somalay Somasundaram, Vice President – Chapters, made a detailed presentation on TNF’s history and activities since 1974. The session resulted in 6 new Life Members, the decision to form a Memphis Chapter of TNF and for the Chapter to work collaboratively with Mid-South Tamil Sangam to help and empower underprivileged Tamils in Tamil Nadu.


Key Projects:

Kalapur Government Girls High School

With Memphis Chapter funds Kalapur Government Girls High School girls who have been identified as “slow learners” are getting special coaching in regular school hours.  All the girls in 10th class were given two days of softskills training to prepare them for public exams and college.


ABC Project